Requirements for

Professionally Guiding

in Motherlode llc

(i.e. Your Clients are Paying Either You or Some Organization Money to be Guided in Rock Climbing)

Click here to see a list of guides and guide services approved to guide in Motherlode llc already.

All guides, either working independently or with guiding companies, must be approved by the Motherlode llc Owner—prior to guiding here.

All organization sponsored climbing groups (universities, churches, clubs, etc) and groups of 10 or more are required to have at least one guide

All independent guides and guiding companies must have guiding liability insurance in effect and “Additional Insured Certificates” on file with the Motherlode llc owners prior to guiding paying clients in the Valley. These Additional named Insured Certificates should list:                         Motherlode -llc, 1890 Natural bridge rd Slade Ky 40376


All guides must meet these requirements: 

1.  Be currently certified by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) at the level of Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) or higher. 

2.  Be an apprentice guide, who is working toward completion of his training and certification with AMGA and who is working directly for a certified SPI. This apprentice guide, when with a client(s) at the cliffs, must be in sight of and under direct supervision of a certified SPI.

Guides agree to notify the Motherlode llc prior to guiding any clients in the Motherlode llc property, specifying the following:

• Name(s) and contact information of the guides (who must meet the qualifications outlined above),

• Date(s) of guiding in Motherlode llc

• Number of clients in their party,

Click here for the preferred method of notification for guide service set up.

Guides must be familiar with and ensure that both they are their clients follow the WARNINGS AND RULES published for the general public at Motherlode llc. And their clients must sign a Motherlode llc WAIVER prior to arriving on this website or at the computer kiosk at Miguels rock climbing shop in Slade Ky.

Click here to see a list of guides and guide services approved to guide in Motherlode llc already.

The purposes of the  guiding service is to:
1. Ensure climber safety by having a specified ratio of  guides per climber;
2. Ensure that climbing ethics are taught;
3. Ensure that Leave No Trace ethics are practiced;
4. Reduce the environmental impact of groups using the area;
5. Ensure that all climbers in the group have been property  accounted for as part of the permit system. 


Any group not complying with the regulations maybe:

1) banned from Motherlode llc indefinitely, and/or
2) charged with trespassing (with or without permits).